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KP: the blogging part 2

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Apr. 2nd, 2014 | 12:33 am


I got to Arena 29 (youth centre used as a base for the pre-week) this morning, and played the larp Hug Street (I think it's in the larp factory book). 8 players, oddly with no nordics playing. It's a piece using a little economic game theory, based on an economy were services (handshakes, hugs, etc) were brought and sold. I'd argue it was actually a drama workshop exercise rather than a larp, but an interesting exercise to help people push boundaries, both in terms of physical contact and in buying/selling (which is hard for people not used to it).

After dinner (very good, but still vegan), I went to the 'alpha elite larp of all time.' A spoof larp about characters 'inspired by' figures on the nordic larp scene making the best larp of all times (and messy relationship play around it). Good, but wouldn't translate well due to the number of in-scene references.

So, pretty good long day. Also meet a number of other people as they gradually showed up. Glad a slept in this morning as it's an even longer today tomorrow.

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