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KP: the blogging part 3

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Apr. 3rd, 2014 | 10:58 am


Early start today for the Edularp conference. A 1 hour demo game, followed by a series of talks and roundtables. A big crowd, including many teachers without a larp background. The talks were a bit low level given the audience, but the roundtables were very good. The demo games prompted a good discussion about how adults (including some larpers) interact very differently with it to teenagers.

After the dinner break, this was followed by the nordic larp talks. Sadly there was a technical problem with the live feed sound, but I'm told the recorded version will be much better. On the ground the talks went very well. The two discucssions about sketching/prototyping was a particular valuable point. More personally, I delivered my first nordic larp talk.

This was followed by the pre-kp party in the local larp-friendly (and everything else friendly) bar.

Currently waiting at the main youth centre to get on the bus to KP shortly.

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