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KP: the blogging part 4

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Apr. 4th, 2014 | 04:53 pm

Still focusing on the programme items rather than the informal content.
I’ve been a bit more relaxed this KP, rather than trying to cram in as much as possible.

After the coach ride to knutpunkt, there was the opening ceremony and then the opening game ‘bus stop.’ Very shallow and simple game; I suspect a safe ‘tame’ choice (to contrast with some previous opening game choices). I would suggest KP should run a design contest for people to submit a minigame (say, max 2 sides) to use for the opening.

After that I went to the Gender 101 presentation. Very entertaining. I might disagree and argue that gender isn’t *entirely* a social construct.

- a vey short ‘not all Nordics are the same’ roundtable, hearing about how the Nordic country larp scenes differ from each other. Apparantly Norwegian larps are not actually all about the rituals.
- ‘so you want to write a larp script.’ Good, if a bit basic. The roundtable exercise included as part of it was good, as was discussion of meta-techniques that fell out of it.
- presentation on the Polish larp scene, starting with the history (larp that developed from the board game Talisman!) and their scene’s theories, models and upcoming larps (including one trying to outnordic the Nordics).
- ‘creating a meaningful wider world.’ Possibly the first pro-simulationist talk I’ve heard at a KP (in 7 years of going), arguing for the benefits of recording the wider world and discussing information flow in and out of the stage. Very old school in some respects (given UK larps like Maelstrom). They seemed to combine runtime events (firing a torpedo in celestra) with moving off-screen armies around; this feels a little wrong to me, but I’m not entirely how to nail down why it’s different.

Food has been good, and after Thursday the Swedes finally stopped the enforced veganism.

Already sold enough scenario books to cover my print run.

About to settle down for dinner.

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