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KP: the blogging part 5

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Apr. 9th, 2014 | 12:09 am

Writing this the week after back home. Not got much time, so aplogies for lack of detail.

>Friday, continued

After dinner, I went to the upcoming larps presentations (including a lot of conventions in different countries). I hope someone does a handy list of weblinks for the stuff presented here.

Afterwards I socialised in the main hall and heard the stand up routine from Johanna McDonald.


I slepted in a bit on sat morning due to a late night on friday. After getting up, I got to 'fastaval - organising tricks,' showing the behind the senes of how Fastaval (which I go to every year) actually works. (Knutpunkt could learn from it).

I then went to the 'Larp design: theory and practice' talk which sets out the great Eirik Fatland's ideas, very good and still developing.

After lunch I went to a 'Protraying sex-work at larps,' a panel discussion followed by some small group discussions. Many references in Duskland, a post-apoc larp I had played in a few years ago. Some really good points here; I know however a few people found strong off-game political views (whether sex-work should be legal or not, which seems to cut across the usual political lines) and attempts to define which terms are acceptable to use in the discussion put some people off the discussion.

This was followed by the comedy 'hour of the rant' which included a serious attempt to drop the term 'nordic larp' in favour of 'progressive larp.'

After dinner and a quick round of dixit, this led onto the main saturday night party. As usual, the really useful and interesting discussions happen on the fringes of it (in the liminal party/non-party state), both on larp and geopolitics ('Finland is spooning Russia').


A last programme item on 'all the mistakes I've done' from some larp organisers, including an early attempt to create a random vampire larp generator.

After the closing ceremony, we got the coach back to the airport and had a good time hanging out with a group of us there, before the trip home.


Really good year. Somewhat more mellow and relaxed than previous years. I feel this is partly the more spread out site, partly the new code of conduct, and partly (personally) I've been around the scene long enough I'm no longer rushing to get as much in as possible.

Personally I don't aim to play at KP; I do that at fastaval. I also avoided the physical workshops this year (but have done them in the past).

>Negative points
- I have a personal issue with the lack of meat (not complete lack, but none on some days) in the menu, especailly since there was no warning of this is advance. I don't think catering to onmivores is an unreasonable expectation.
- There were some issues with the admin, including people not getting their rooms until dinner, flaws with the signup process, etc. (but this wasn't as bad as it sounds).

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