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Feb. 1st, 2016 | 02:06 pm

4 of 7 months into my time here in Tampere. January has been a tough month here, with extreme cold (-27 at the lowest point) even by Finnish standards.

Current status:

  • My hypertext experiment paper (paper 2 in my thesis) is still going through a review process

  • My gamergate paper got rejected by one journal, but is now resubmitted as a conference paper

  • My theory paper (paper 1) has been progressing slowly, but I’m going to focus on it this week and present it as work-in-progress to the group next week.

  • I completed the progress report for the funding body and applied for a further 6 months of funding which I’m waiting to hear on.

I’ve had trips away for the last two weekends, and staying in Helsinki for the few days inbetween. Seperate blog posts to follow. Currently writing this on the way back to Tampere.

Everything is on course for the larp I’m co-organising in just under 5 weeks time.

Plan for February:

  • Finish the theory paper and have a first attempt to submit it.

  • Deal with the response to the response to my hypertext paper when it comes through.

  • Finish the larp writing.

  • Prepare to present my academic work at Solmokhota.

  • Write an ‘example turn’ doc for my card game Midsummer. This is mainly for the Fastaval judges who assess the game just off the written materials, but I expect to also put it up as a free download alongside the rulebook.

  • (low priority if I get time) Reformat my three scenario books and other related material into one big hardback book.

I’ve been invited on a Finnish larper social cruise next weekend, and will spend a few days doing tourism later in the month when my brother visits Finland.

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