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Tallinn larp festival

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Feb. 1st, 2016 | 02:51 pm

Tallinn larp festival


Last weekend I went over to the Tallinn larp festival. (Tallinn is 2.5 hours on the ferry from Helsinki). Tallinn itself is well worth a visit, with cheap prices, great food, lots of tourist locations and a medieval ‘old town.’

It’s a ‘budget’ festival, with four scenario slots, basic food provided and the option to crash at the location for 25 euro. (personally we stayed in a hostel in the centre instead).

Scenarios I played:

  • The evaluation room. A prototype/sketch/’prologue playtest’ of the forthcoming Nordic apr the solution. A somewhat surreal psychological experiment, where characters are not told what they are assessed on. An interesting approach, but I felt it was a little longer than it should have been for what it was, and that it needed a bit more structure initially (as per my ‘tight-to-loose’ design rhetoric).

  • Switch – politicians of the future. More of a workshop exercise than a larp, arguing multiple positions on a topic. Would have been better if grounded in serious issues rather than comedy proposals, and with a a little bit more character added (e.g. the political compass test matrix.

  • I ran my old depression scenario Black Dog with 4 players.

  • White Death. Glad to have played this big Nordic classic. A non-verbal black box scenario about humans squabbling over dreams, food and faith before gradually dying in the cold and becoming ‘white ones’ (ghosts? Angels?). Not my usual style of play, but I really enjoyed this.

This was the first year of the festival, and I hope it runs again. I’d recommend it to locals interested in this style, and to people who can combine it with tourism in Tallinn. If I somehow end up in Finland when it runs, I’d go again.

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