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Mar. 19th, 2016 | 05:14 pm

5.5 of 7 months into my time here:

Academic update:
- my hypertext paper got rejected (only heard this week). Obviously this is disappointing; possibly it reflects my urgency to submit it so early into my time here. I'll do more work on it and resubmit
- My theory paper is going slowly but gradually progressing.
- still waiting to hear on my gamergate paper, submitted to a conference.
- my good news is I've got another 6 months of funding to progress on my research.

Other projects/events:
- A couple of weeks ago I co-organised my new Nordic Larp Price of Inspiration https://priceofinspiration.wordpress.com/ . We are reasonably happy with it, but will work on sharpening some points for a planning rerun in Finland in November (no date set yet).
- After that I played 'end of the line,' the first 'official' larp from White Wolf. Lot of good intense relationship play.
- I went to the Solmukohta conference in the helsinki-stockholm ferry. As usual, lot of good programme items and atmosphere.
- I've finished editting the deluxe edition of my Green Book. It's avaiable here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/nathan-hook-and-taisia-kann-and-melina-cunelius/the-green-book-deluxe-edition/hardcover/product-22591987.html and should be on amazon.com in a couple of months.

Future term projects:

- Off to Demark next week for the freeform convention Fastaval, presenting my card game Midsummer.
- Moving back to the UK in early May, then going to France in Mid-May to play a larp about the 1918 Ottomon court crumbling. Restarting work at the end of May.
- No further plans to write another original larp at the moment. Instead, We'll be focusing on revising and rerunning Price of Inspiration.
- We been approached about co-organising an international rerun of a larp about a christian cult (no supernatural elements), possibly aiming for early next year. Again, it's written and run before.
- I'm remote mentoring one of my friends in organising a German Langugage run of Pan in Germany, later this year.

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