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Fastaval 2016, part 1

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Mar. 25th, 2016 | 08:28 pm

I'm currently in Denmark for Fastaval, the national 'semi-live' / freeform convention which runs weds-mon over easter each year.

General update on how its going:
- After getting here via the fastabus from CPH on weds, I got into a session of the spaceship simulator artemis off the reserve queue, with two ships (10 players in total) playing / competing a heavily custom mission.
- Thursday morning I played Jason Moringstar's 'Old Friend' game about a seance / possession / ghost hunting. Very good, despite playing it with 4 players (was aimed for 5) and I feel it would also work as a 2 player game.
- Thursday afternoon I demo'ed my hidden role card game Midsummer (two tables of 5 players each) which was well recieved. This is my entry for Fastaval this year, nd I also went to the designer's reception.
- Thursday evening I played 'Death of Playwright,' playing out scenes from Shakespeare's life guided by some of his characters.
- Friday Morning, I would have played Glitch Iteration, but wasn't feeling well and slept instead.
- Friday afternoon,  I played Franenstein's Creatures, which needed a lot more development. Credit to the presenter for trying to fix the scenario which helped a lot. Fortunately it was very short, with 45 mins playtime


I'v got another scenario this evening, and a full load with  another demo of Midsummer and three more scenarios to play tomorrow.

I've also completed the 'build a board game' contest; get given a bad published game, and design a new game with the components while here.

The low point for me is fastaval massively increaing the amount of nuts this year (selling big bags in the cafe), and a failure to remove the open bowl from the designer's reception when I asked causing me to leave early. I've been graduallly getting sicker over the last 24 hours because of this, and it's hard to get Danes to take the issue seriously. I would consider this a 'very good' year so far at Fastaval, if it wasn't for this issue.

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