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90s VHS interactive games

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Jan. 3rd, 2017 | 01:10 am

I got reminded about the 'VHS interactive board games' from back in the 90s (I played Atmosphere at the time, but there were plenty of others). With hindsight, it's interesting to view them as trying to push the transmedia / interaction at a point when the techology wasn't quite ready for it, and that idea of physical playing pieces interacting with technology coming back round now.
Essentially there were board games with a video counting down a timer, with interruptions from an onscreen character and a 'game wins, you lose' situation if the timer runs out. IIRC, they looks like they should have been designed as co-op (vs. the game, like pandemic), but game design (and perhaps US tastes) were such at the time they still had 'someone wins' with often limited player interaction.
For those who need more Vader in their life after Rogue One, here is the footage from the Star Wars interactive game.
(also interesting see how the timers in the game were actually rigged - they claim to be 60 minutes, but actually count down fast and are closer to 50. Interesting to consider as a dramatic technique.)

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